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20 Q's From WNWN Readers
Stephanie Pratt
WNWN: What's been the hardest part about doing the show?
SP: We are a lot more sensitive and compassionate towards each other than it seems on the show.
WNWN: How much on the show is "real"?
SP: Everything that happens is our documented lives. Some of the things we say aren't meant to instigate things, but we have to tell a story.
WNWN: How is your relationship with Spencer now?
SP: Same as what you are seeing on the show right now. I haven't talked to Spencer or Heidi since late September. I really miss him. If he wants me in his life again, I'd be there for him. I think the show is responsible for a lot of relationships falling out....but this just naturally happened. It's the same brother/sister dynamic that everyone has to deal with, but only we have to deal with it on the show, and then they play music behind it, so it appears to be much more dramatic.
WNWN: Do you think the show makes your relationships stronger or does it ruin them?
SP: Its made my relationship stronger with Audrina, Lo, and Lauren, but with guys its had a negative effect.
WNWN: If you could do it all over again would you still do the show?
SP: I think I would...but I would cry a lot less.
WNWN: Has the show made it hard to date?
SP: Absolutely. There are only two kinds of guys out there...the one that wants nothing to do with me because of the show, and the one that wants to be on the show!
WNWN: Would you rather date someone in the biz or completely removed from it?
SP: Completely removed! On second thought, just not an actor or a model. I like manly man guys...I don't want someone that's wearing bronzer to a party!
WNWN: What are you plans for "Life after The Hills"?
SP: Ever since I was little I wanted to work in Fashion. I've had an idea for a hand bag line since the 7th grade, and now it's finally coming out in the fall. Takes a long time for dreams to come true.
WNWN: Would you say reality shows have ruined television or made it better?
SP: Neither---I think its great entertainment. A Reality Show is a guilty pleasure. I love the Real Housewives of NY and New Jersey. Lo watches Jersey Shore.
WNWN: What other shows do you watch?
SP: I love the new show Modern Family--and I also watch The Office, and It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia.
WNWN: Do you read In Touch, Us Weekly, etc.
SP: If I'm at the airport I grab them for sure.
WNWN: Favorite Movie(s)
SP: Forgetting Sarah Marshall, The Notebook, The Goonies
WNWN: Who is your role model?
SP: I really admire Ellen Degenerous. She's got a great attitude about life and she does great things for humanity and animals. I have 3 dogs and 2 cats....I had a guinea pig but she died. They are all rescues, I even found one of the dogs in Paris! I want to spread awareness that you can find the exact dog you want through adoption. A lot of people don't realize you can adopt pure breads too.
I work with PETA, and I have my own iPhone app that everyone should download:
WNWN: What's been your coolest "fan" experience?
SP: I have some awesome fans that just sent me cupcakes from the UK...they went online and sent me a box of cupcakes from Sprinkles. It was the cutest thing ever!
WNWN: Three words that best describe you as a person?
SP: Fun, Sensitive, Blessed
WNWN: What do you think changes people or fame?
SP: Fame.
WNWN: Who has changed the most on the show for better?
SP: ME! I was a very troubled and wild kid, and the show has really changed me for the better.
WNWN: Who has changed the most on the show for worse?
SP: Can't answer that one.
WNWN: Your next vacation--where are you headed?
SP: Hawaii!! for Mom's birthday in June.
WNWN: Worst fan experience?
SP: I haven't really had one....I've read some mean things on blogs but no one has ever been mean to my face.

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