Is Audrina Back In Heidi's Inner Circle?

It looks like it! take a look at their tweets:

10/29 I LOVE @OfficialAudrina!
10/30 @OfficialAudrina we need to do the brunch/spa day at least once a week!! I love my Audrina time!!!! Best day ever!!! LOVE U!! xoxo!

10/26 just got done filming w/ @heidimontag and it was nice to catch up on and off cam!! shes always full of life and happiness
10/29 @heidimontag had so much fun today!!:) we'll have to do another pampering girls brunch/massage next week xo

awwwww : )I'm so glad to see they've made up. I thought they had a cute friendship way back when. The main thing that's been missing for me on the 'Hills' lately is the friendships or lack thereof.