Video And Behind The Scenes Photos Of 'Audrina' Episode 8 - 'Nic of Time'

This week on Audrina, the end is nigh for Audrina and Corey. Or as these horses would say, the end is neiiigh!
Audrina has been invited to the International Polo Club in Palm Beach.

Since she and her obsessive boyfriend Corey have been on the rocks, she decides to take her brother Mark and her stylist/friend Joey with her and leave Corey back in L.A. Thank goodness for friends like Joey, because she doesn’t let Audrina take s— from Corey. Every girl needs a friend like that.

Audrina is using this time away from Corey to reflect on their relationship, but it’s hard to reflect on Corey when he literally calls her 86 times in one day. It’s also hard to side with Corey, who feels entitled to know what Audrina is doing at every second, when he himself has traded naughty texts with naked girls himself and doesn’t see the irony of his behavior.

All Audrina wants to do though is sow her oats with Nic the Polo Player who is adorable. Nic does not blow up Audrina’s phone with jealous texts, AND he has no trouble saddle snuggling with her (that’s what we’re calling it)…

Nic and his fellow polo-player Neil give Audrina and Joey a polo lesson while Marky watches, and did we mention the saddle snuggling?
The paparazzi manage to catch Audrina and Nic mid-snuggle and, of course since Corey had Audrina’s name set on a Google Alert (seriously?) he sees the pics and spends the rest of the day perfecting his manipulative, fake cry for when they speak later and he claims he’s been hurt.

Joey can see through Corey and tells Drina to fight back, and maybe for the first time that we’ve seen, she tells Corey who’s boss. Meanwhile Mark, who is hungover looks on silently but stylishly.
Audrina has a polo match to attend and she meets back up with Nic, has lunch with him, stomps some divots, and has a good time. It’s a refreshing time for Audrina to restore some lighthearted fun in her life. This episode definitely looks like the calm before the Corey-Audrina-Casey storm that’s about to blow next week.
Behind the scenes photos:
Click here for photos of Audrina's polo lesson with Nic Roldan
Click here for photos of Audrina and Joey walking on the beach
Click here for photos of Audrina and Nic Roldan at the polo match

credit - vh1, me
~Kelli at Hills Freak