Corey Bohan (Audrina Patridge's Boyfriend) Threatens Nic Roldan on Twitter

Audrina Patridge’s love life is definitely a little dramatic these days and now her boyfriend is threatening another guy she was once linked to.
Corey Bohan, who has been on and off with Patridge for two years, decided to start a battle over Twitter with Nic Roldan, who was linked to the reality star while the two were split, states A recent episode of Patridge’s show showed her getting close with Roldan, something that did not please Bohan.
Corey tweeted: "@NicRoldan if I ever see u **** I'm gonna rip your fu**in head off. Take this as a friendly warning."
This is not the first time Corey has taken to twitter to vent his anger, he ranted at the 26-year-old former 'Hills' beauty on the micro-blogging site after the pair broke up in March.
Corey wrote in the twitter post, which was later removed: "A girl that's told yes by everyone surrounding them grows up to be a heartless closed off insecure individual. Time 2 pick up the pieces & stop being so sad! Some woman will always be empty & rotten from the inside out. U cant love a heartless woman
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