Lauren Conrad Heading to the Kate Somerville Spa

Spotted: Lauren Conrad feeding the parking meter before heading to the Kate Somerville Spa.
In a funny post on her blog, the 25-year-old challenges her fans to join her on a week-long plan of tweaking their diets and exercise routines to fit back into their skinny jeans post-holiday.
"Sadly there's no way to un-eat what you've already eaten over the holidays. But thankfully there is a solution: If you make a conscious effort to have healthier eating and exercise habits, your body will bounce back in no time!" Conrad writes.
She also provides meal recommendations and exercise ideas to get your sweat on, and invites her readers to submit their results pics when they wrap things up for a chance to be featured on her blog as her "Chic of the Week."
Interested in joining Conrad and her fans on a "7 Days to Skinny Jeans" challenge? Head to her blog to get started!
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credit - Us Weekly, tlfan
~Kelli at Hills Freak