Stephanie Pratt talks self confidence and the worst beauty advice she's ever received

Unless you've been living under a rock, you know about the MTV show, The Hills. In this interview, The Hill's own Stephanie Pratt is talking beauty, fitness, and opening up about her flawed skin as a teen!
What is your daily beauty regimen?
Stephanie: I grew up with so much acne. When I was in school I would have to stay home from school because I had such bad rashes from really harsh products. Like, if I went into the beauty store with you, I would have probably tried 80% of the products that were in there. I am a follower of Dermalogica products. I do the Brazilian blowout for my hair. I get really frizzy hair, because its wavy and it gets tangled because its long, so this stuff called 7 second by Unite Eurotherapy is absolutely amazing. It’s a spray detangler and a leave in conditioner.
What is your fitness regimen?
Stephanie: I have an elliptical machine in my living room, so I walk my dogs everyday and then I do the elliptical during any free time. I’ll do it barefoot or with no makeup, just any free minute I have I’ll get on that. I also lost so much weight walking. I spent most of my summer in New York, and the weight just fell off since I walked everywhere. From just 4 months in New York I dropped a pant size.
What is the best beauty advice you’ve ever been given?
Stephanie: My brother actually gives me really good beauty advice. He told me to take fish oil Omega pills, and those are fabulous. I totally see a difference. Thank you, Spencer!
What is the worst beauty advice you’ve ever taken?
Stephanie: Putting eggs and mayonnaise on my hair. I was like 11. You cannot get mayonnaise out of your hair, or the smell of eggs!
Who is your beauty idol?
Stephanie: Halle Berry is just always amazing, her skin is always glowing.
How has your style evolved throughout the years?
Stephanie: I stopped caring about people judging me and just dressed how I feel every morning when I wake up. I don’t need brand new shoes just because it’s a trend.
How was the experience of being a cameo in a music video?
Stephanie: It was the most of my year probably. My call time was like 11:30PM and we didn’t wrap until 5:30AM, so I drove away with a breakfast burrito. It was just so fun! Definitely one of the coolest things I will ever do in my life.
Do you have a message for my readers about beauty/self-confidence?
Stephanie: I know for myself, I feel most beautiful when it’s coming from the inside. When I see a different in myself in pictures when I’m working an event where I didn’t want to be there, and my heart wasn’t into it, and then if I’m walking out of a meeting that just went really well and I got to talk about Save A Life animal charity, that’s when I really glow. Beauty comes from happiness and finding that inside. I think doing selfless things really brings out a glow in people.
credit - Gabrielle Long