Olivia Palermo @ Ports 1961 Presentation at Bloomingdales 11/12

A big thank you to beautiful Luna who graciously shared her photo and her account of meeting Olivia with us xo!!
"Olivia was alarmingly gorgeous (and NICE!) in person! Here's how said picture happened. When she wasn't surrounded by industry people, I approached her, introduced mysdlf, and told her she was my favorite style icon. She graciously accepted my compliment and even told me she loved my outfit! I pretty much DIED right there. HAHAHA! Anyway, Olivia and I spoke for a few minutes before I politely asked her if she would take a photo with me. She replied, "Of course!" As soon as I pulled out my camera, Johotness (yes, he was all kinds of ridiculously good looking!) immediately offered to take it for us. I was not only blown away by her sincerity, but also at how she actually stopped to have a full-on conversation with me. She is definitely NOT the same person we see on TV! Olivia and her bf were a sweet couple and appeared very much in love."