Sneak Peek of Roxy Olin in Steppin Out Magazine

I'm definitely being portrayed as a bitch. it's true, I can be a real hard ass. I'm definitely not a push over. Yet, they take that one aspect of me and exaggerate it so I come across as some sort of a bitch. I'm like, "WOW!". I don't think of myself as a bitch at all. But the show wasn't working before because there wasn't enough drama. There wasn't anybody to call other people on their bullshit. Whitney [Port]is so sweet, so they take the sweetest aspect of her and exaggerate it and the most brutal aspect of me and exaggerate it. So it makes the show work better.
On Doing Reality TV And Acting At The Same Time:
I wasn't sure if I wanted to do "The City." But the times are changing. You can run with it or fight it. If you're lucky you can do both. That's what I chosen to do. I'm doing "Brothers and Sisters" at the same time as "The City." I'm not claiming I'm an actress. I'm actually acting at the same time I'm doing a reality show.
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