Olivia Palermo: 2 parties 1 night - Eric Daman Book Launch & after party for the screening of 'Precious' 11/5

Olivia is wearing a Topshop Leather Pencil Skirt and
Swarovski Hyacinth Necklace
I love seeing Olivia with Leighton!

Last night at the Swarovski-sponsored book party for Gossip Girl costume designer Eric Daman's new book You Know You Want It, The City's Olivia Palermo actually spoke to us! Usually she politely declines interviews, but last night she was raring to talk about fashion and working at Elle and all kinds of stuff that didn't involve Whitney Port and Freddie Fackelmayer. She revealed she hopes to have her own fashion line one day. "I think designing takes years of practice. It is definitely something that I do want to do, but I think that timing is everything, so I’m going to wait a little bit," she said. Being on a popular reality (ahem) show hasn't changed her style. "I wake up, and I just dress for myself. Obviously, going to work every single day and being in front of the camera, you have to be a little bit more mindful and make sure that a bobby pin isn’t out of place," she told us. "I dress for my mood. If I wake up and I feel like I want to dress like a hippie, then I’ll dress like a hippie. If I want to go edgier, then I’ll do that. But obviously I’ll stick within my own personal sense of style. I think that it’s really important to get that across and let girls know that trends are important, but don’t get too much into them."
We wondered if, having worked (ahem) at Diane Von Furstenberg and now Elle, Olivia was beginning to form an idea of what kind of boss she'd like to be one day when, say, she starts her own label. "I’m a firm believer — whether the show shows it or not — that everyone should be treated equally. To be nice and to treat everyone the same is really important, and unfortunately, you don’t really get to see that from me so much. It’s kind of spun the wrong way," she explained. Olivia watches the show every week and tries not to worry too much about the editing, which is out of her control. "It’s important for me to know the story lines that are going on," she said. But she doesn't have a viewing party every week. "I watch it by myself, because it’s business. It’s like, you go to work every day, and for me, it’s a business. I take my job seriously. I don’t need to show it off."
credit - starstyleinc.com, dayinthelife, foros.vogue.es, nymag.com