Erin Kaplan: One ‘Elle’ of a City girl!

Not that I’m addicted or anything (I SO am!) but I’m just loving Season 2 of The City following Whitney Port’s adventures in the big Apple.
One of the best couplings this season has to be New York socialite Olivia Palermo and Erin Kaplan, PR director at Elle Magazine.

The two come to blows in their first meeting, with feisty Olivia telling Erin if she wants a job done, to go and do it herself! (what ever happened to interns being nice!) Not Miss Palermo having grown up with a silver spoon in her mouth – something that riles Kaplan from the onset – and there begins the battle with Elle’s Creative Director Joe Zee  fighting in Palermo’s corner to retain her as she’s “good for the magazine“. Whilst Kaplan feels she’s full of attitude and is more of a hindrance than a help. It makes for great TV and whilst Olivia comes across as ‘butter wouldn’t melt,’ you just know underneath those designer clothes we all want – she’s probably a rottweiler in waiting! Whereas Kaplan who comes across as completely ‘out to get’ Olivia, is actually quite nice deep really!
Don’t believe me? Then read on for an interview with the lady herself below!

So you come across as being such a tough-cookie who takes no sh*t from anyone, is that the ‘real’ Erin, or do you add a little extra for the cameras?
“The bottom line is I want what’s best for this magazine and I have to protect the relationships I’ve built up and if Olivia had come in and done an amazing job right-off, I would have said that.”
Do you feel the editing of the show set out to deliberately depict the friction between you and Olivia?

“The programme shows some of the relationships between key people at Elle and it just so happens with Olivia being the new girl and me stepping in to help her there is more to show, but it’s such a small part of what we both do on a daily basis. If I’m portrayed as really hard on camera, that’s one side to things – but I’ve been frustrated at being portrayed as somebody who doesn’t care about what’s best for the magazine and that’s totally not how it is.”
Do you enjoy working with Olivia?
“I was skeptical of how well we would get on and work together, as I was un-sure if she was a team-player which is really important at the magazine. That’s why I was seen voicing my concerns about her to Joe Zee (Creative Dir for the magazine.) But if she does well for the magazine then I’m game for her to stay. I have to be the eyes and ears of Joe and so it’s in my best interests to get on with Olivia and make things work for the magazine. We’re all a team here.”
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